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Check out some answers to common questions. If we've missed something, shoot us an email at [email protected] 

BEE Well 

Cleaning/ Smoking Fee

Non-refundable $75 smoking fee applied to rentals opting to allow a smoker-friendly event. 

Non-refundable $100 cleaning fee is applied to all rentals to ensure we can provide a clean, germ free, facility to continue to host events at. You are still required to clean up after your party i.e. remove trash, decorations, food, beverages, return furniture to the fashion it was in, etc.

Covid-19 Policies

All Covid-19 Policies are effective and followed. All venue renters must sign a Covid-19 Liability Waiver Form. 

In the event we shutdown, or are impacted in any way by Covid-19, all rentals will receive a credit for 90 days. If we are still effected post 90 days, a partial refund is remitted. 

How many tables and chairs? What games are included? What appliances are in the kitchen?

We offer two rates: $80/hr. not including tables/ chairs/ games. It is $100/ hr. including all tables/chairs/games. 

We offer games such as Jumbo Jenga, Jumbo Connect 4, Jumbo Bowling, Ping Pong, Cornhole and Roller Skates.

Each all inclusive rental includes a minimum of 8 tables and 50 chairs.

Selection of Event Furniture: 

- 25 Grey Folding Chairs, 40 Black Folding Chairs, 18 Red Chiavari Chairs, 8 Bar Stools, 6 Decorative Stools/ Chairs 

- 2 Wooden 9ft. Tables, and 15 White 6ft Tables.

Kitchenette: Microwave, Dishwasher, Filtered Water Dispenser, and Sink.

Which kinds of events are best suited for each venue?

East Liberty is a beautiful, intimate space that happens to be great for events right now, especially due to Covid-19 requiring smaller gatherings. Bridal parties, weddings, baby showers, gender reveals, birthday parties, and all celebrations are perfect for this venue. 

Southside is great for recreational events including pop-up shops, larger private birthday parties/ gatherings, and larger workshops. It has a beautiful, rustic feel.