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Check out some answers to common questions. If we've missed something, shoot us an email at [email protected] 

BEE Well 

Cleaning/ Smoking Fee

Non-refundable $75 smoking fee applied to rentals opting to allow a smoker-friendly event. 

Non-refundable $100 cleaning fee is applied to all rentals to ensure we can provide a clean, germ free, facility to continue to host events at. 

Covid-19 Policies

All Covid-19 Policies are effective and followed. All venue renters must sign a Covid-19 Liability Waiver Form. 

In the event we shutdown, or are impacted in any way by Covid-19, all rentals will receive a credit for 90 days. If we are still effected post 90 days, a partial refund is remitted. 

How many tables and chairs? What games are included? What appliances are in the kitchen?

We offer two rates: $80/hr. not including tables/ chairs/ games. It is $100/ hr. including all tables/chairs/games. 

We offer games such as Jumbo Jenga, Jumbo Connect 4, Jumbo Bowling, Ping Pong, Cornhole and Roller Skates.

There are: 

- 25 Grey Folding Chairs, 40 Black Folding Chairs, 18 Red Chiavari Chairs, 8 Bar Stools, 6 Decorative Stools/ Chairs 

- 2 Wooden 9ft. Tables, and 15 White 6ft Tables.

Kitchenette: Microwave, Dishwasher, Filtered Water Dispenser, and Sink.

Which kinds of events are best suited for each venue?

East Liberty is a beautiful, intimate space that happens to be great for events right now, especially due to Covid-19 requiring smaller gatherings. Bridal parties, weddings, baby showers, gender reveals, birthday parties, and all celebrations are perfect for this venue. 

Southside is best suited for recreational events including pop-up shops, larger private birthday parties/ gatherings, and larger workshops. Southside is undergoing a build out, and we are very cautious and particular with uses for events. It will be complete mid-March.