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E. Liberty

Information about E. Liberty Venue Rental:

- Capacity of 60-70 w/ Covid-19 Restrictions

- Amenities Included: Private Restrooms, Kitchenette, Televisions, Parking Lot, Wheelchair Accessible, Central Air/ Heating, Open Space to Customize.


Information about Southside Venue Rental:

- Capacity of 100 w/ Covid-19 Restrictions

- Amenities Inc.: Private Restrooms, Wheelchair Accessible, Industrial Style Open Concept. 

*We are still undergoing a build-out for this facility, however, it is often asked to be utilized. The space comes as it, it is 100% warehouse. Will be complete by May 1, 2021.

General Venue Rental Information:

Rates: $80 per hour basic rental does not include tables and chairs | $100 per hour all inclusive rental includes access to 70 chairs, 10 tables and a variety of jumbo games.

*Cleaning Fee of $100 is applicable to all rentals.

*Smoking Fee of $75 is non-refundable.

*Service Tax + 3% EFF applied to all transactions.

*Table and Chair set-up is completed by renter 

Half is always due to secure, and the remaining half must be paid 21 days prior to the rental date. If you are booking within a 21 day timeframe, the full amount is due. You must include set-up/clean-up in your booking time.

**Please ensure to add set-up and clean-up in your rental hours

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